About Us

Started in 2009, Jenny from Vera Chan wanted to bring a little more love to those looking for that special gift. She has been a lover of fine things that has a little personality and those once in a life time finds; however since so many stores all carried the same goods produced by the same factories, she decided to bring her own ideas to life and open a little store to share the treasures she found.

Vera Chan is located at 129 King street, Melbourne, Australia. It is a shop filled goodies and gifts collected individually, and they each tell a little story. There are many things made by many local Melbourne artists, from handcrafted jewellery to fabulous bags. It is a balance of cute, quirky mixed with a sense of fun. If you were to drop by make sure you have a little time to spare; somehow life slows down a little inside and that feeling of wonder that we all seem to have lost as a child comes back to us, and for a moment there is a little magic in the air again.

So come visit, see what is around and play with everything she has to offer, try on all the pretty things and take a break from your daily grind with a smile.