Laliblue - To the Light of the Moon Brooch

Laliblue - To the Light of the Moon Brooch

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To the light of the Moon Brooch. Dancing with the Moon Collection

>> Inspiration:
Collection inspired by Georges Méliès, the 20s, the art deco movement and the flapper women.
The Fusion of the magic of "Le Voyage dans la Lune" with the claim of the modern woman of the 20s is of the essence of the collection.
Designed and fully produced in Spain with high quality resins and acrylic. Hand made with molds, special paints and hand-assembled jewellery.

Dazzle like a star sporting these jewels ✨

>> Characteristics:
Handmade production in most of its elaboration.
Moon made with resin mold and pearly powder.
Small chain in gold and white.
Girl made in gold, black and cream acrylic. Layers superimposed to give volume effect.

>> Materials:
Brass, acrylic and resin.

>> Measures:
10 x 3.5 cm

*These pieces are handmade and it is possible that there is some small imperfection own of their handicraft.